How to reduce attrition rate in organizations?

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Indian inc. is suffering from great attrition rate which is making is showing great impact on companies and their work environment. Because of job hopping organizations need to spend more budgets for recruiting the right talent and on boarding them. This is the most important issue that many organizations are failing to retain the high performed employees and it is increasing the attrition rate.


Industrial relation plays key role in managing the employer and employee relationships. Since last decade there is a great importance for motivation led approaches to encourage the employee sin service sector. HR functions hiring the new employees with more pay and employer brand also an important aspect to eliminate the attrition rate. Most organizations will still be found wanting on a well-defined manpower plan, as a requisition from line managers is the key driver for resourcing while productivity takes a back seat. Entry level hiring mostly depends on the academic educational qualifications, study of institution and final score in their education.

Here capability issue will come later once they have started their work. On boarding is done through the period of training and development and performance is consider later. This is the reason why because new employees will face the problem to continue after their one year of completion where performance matters. This situation not much at leadership levels and many talented employees are promoted to the next levels like managerial and lead positions. Promoting the employees is an easy task rather than finding the new talent for lead positions. Ensure that the person I sable to manage the lead levels and consider them as accountable for the position. So he/she will create impact by motivating their team with great results.

The most considerable approaches for organization culture are as follows:

Flexibility: Flexibility is the major option which employees consider for their long term association.

Responsibility: Employees with high responsibility are feeling encouraged and work for a good outcome. Employees without delegation and supervision who delivers great outcome are accountable for great outcome.

Standards: Keeping high standards will be a great match for employees and organization.

Rewards: These are the recognition for their great work and dedication which directly relates to their performance.

Clarity: There should be clarity between organization goals and expectations of the employers while choosing an employee.

Commitment towards team: Working for a common goal with great commitment leads to a team success.


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