How to Promote Gender Diversity in UAE Companies?

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Recent study on “ Understanding the workplace concerns and challenges of working women in the UAE” mention that more than half of the organizations are moving towards gender diversity. This survey was conducted by wisdom jobs Gulf across several sectors of UAE and Gulf including IT, Engineerng, Banking, Education, Production, Telecom, Oil&Gas, Healthcare, Advertising and Hospitality. In recent days UAE has implemented certain initiatives as well as pledged to ensure that the UAE ranks among the top 25 countries in the world for gender balance by 2021.

How UAE companies  are promoting  gender diversity?

Work Place Gender Diversity in UAE

According to the survey the top three challenges faced by women at work are mentioned as follows. Over 39% say it’s the attitude of clients/distributors, vendors/colleagues and 23% believe that women are easily considered for top management roles. More than 22% agree that women are paid less for the same amount of work. Discriminationsfaced by women professionals are noted as only 41% surveyed professionals say female employees are not considered for senior leadership roles. Among them 32% expressed that women can’t work same number of hours as men do. And also 30% mention that maternity leads to a perception of quitting or underperforming.

How UAE companies are promoting gender diversity?

Responding to the issue support for women who are coming back after maternity leave more than 43% surveyed respondents believe that their company doesn’t offer any additional support for women who come back after maternity leave. Over 42% women professionals mentioned that their company offer flexible work schedule for new mothers. Only 10% women agreed that companies provide child care facilities at office to support new mothers. More than half of respondents believe that they are employed at male dominated companies and 66% say that they report to male managers. Nearly 70% women professionals mention that they are part of an organization which employees an uneven ratio of men and women in their organization. Overall the survey concluded that only 60% feel that organizations are motivated to attain gender diversity.

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