How to project your accomplishments?

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If you have a strong history in your resume and your resume list out your job duties and responsibilities rather than your job accomplishments then it's time to project your accomplishments in your resume. Accomplishments add value to your career and these are the amazing things that adds value to your profile and fetches more credibility to your profile and plus you show prospective employers what you are capable of.Employers always look for specific talented candidates and resumes to fit with their requirements. Unless your resume presents an indication of the success you have had in your previous work why would a recruiter give it a second glance? The major question is that how to project your work experience on your resume to make achievements sounds like duties. Use professional language which makes a great difference.

Follow below things in your resume related to project management:


Start with an action verb:It is not important to describe your roles and responsibilities by showing what you have been achieved while serving a particular role. Don't use action verbs like Responsible. Use verbs like formulated, accelerated, instituted, governed, maximized, leveraged, etc. You can also start sentences with Recognized, Noted, Praised, or Credited. Avoid complicated words which cannot be appearing in normal conversations.

Don't use superfluous language:Experts suggest that not to use visionary, innovative, effective, dynamic, etc. Make sure you are able to substantiate the same through examples on your resume.

Give numbers to showcase your achievements:Highlight the quantifiable contributions/achievements you provided past employers. It's not that much important to showcase as that increased sales or enhanced customer relations and super short processing time. But give some accurate figures like enhanced 50 percent of sales and effectively manages a team of 8 members. Successful business development helped to grow 10 percent of business this year.

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