How to present your resume, when you have career obstacles?

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Most of us may have different prospects in writing their resume like having employment gaps in career, lay off, being a fresher and not getting any job, joining after a break and not having any academic degree. When you are writing your resume on your own may creates many dilemmas in fulfilling the objective of the above prospects.


Read below tips which may useful to write a suitable resume for various kinds of situations:

If you have employment gaps: If you have any employment gaps or frequent breaks in your career, then try to show how effectively you will put efforts in the present job. A company spends time and resources to train up a candidate in many ways. So, they will analyze the candidate that he will work long term for them or not? So, mention the assignments and training programs assigned to you during the time gap. Focus more on your experiences you have and shift the focus from employment gaps. Be updated with the changing trends of the market.

If you are joining after a long break: If you are joining after a long break in your career, then select a resume format of functional or chronological, which helps you to shift the focus of the recruiter from organization names and dates to job responsibilities.

If you are laid off: when you are laid off, it is not important to mention in your resume, but discuss about it when you are asked at an interview. Discuss about your projects, achievements, awards won, teams managed and resolved issues etc.

If you are a fresher: A freshers resume contains the details of academic background, project details and internship details if you have any. Your objective should be up to the mark and include keywords in your resume to get more interview calls. You can also mention your achievements, awards and extracurricular activities if you have any.

Your resume objective: The objective of your resume should focus on the key benefits you offered to the company. Use very crispy and brief objective to bring out the same focus and meaning. If you have experience or interest in multiple domains then create separate resumes for each domain.

If you dont have a Degree: A person can get a job without any degree, if you have any technical experience or training. If you are pursuing any professional degree, mention it in your resume, it adds value to your profile. Lacking degree is not an issue for applying jobs, so never hesitate to forward your resume, if you are competent for the job. You can continue your studies to move forward in your career.

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