How to present long-term employment in your resume?

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Wisdom jobs career experts believe that increased job opportunities have created space for mobile workforce. Employees jump at better offers where without considering their current employers anything. Gone are the days when employees stick to one employer. To present your long term work history as a positive attribute then it will be a big task for you. Recruiting new employees is an expensive process; employers always look for the ways to promote long-term tenure. So, demonstrate yourself that you are worthwhile investment. Here are the ways to promote your resume if you want to use your work history as selling point.


Keep Learning: Some employers may consider your long-term work history as a point that your skills have stagnated. Refresh your skills constantly through formal education and online learning modes. Avail professional development course sponsor by your employers. Create a professional development section in your resume that may indicate that you are a learner.

Remove Outdated Skills and Credentials: Outdated skills are a sign of outdated professional. So ignore them in your profile. If you're not sure about it, then ask your colleague or potential hiring manager to know about the emerging skills.

List Different Positions Separately: Promotions are a sign that our company recognized your worth and offered you more responsibility. It is a clear indication that your employer has recognized your talents. Instead of giving your positions under a single heading, give your positions individual descriptions along with distinct time periods. If you're in the same position for many years in the same company then showcase how you've grown and made difference to your organization.

Display accomplishments:To standout in this emerging competitive world, you should list out a track record of accomplishments.

Use Your Employment History to Your Advantage: You can use longevity, dedication, and commitment, loyalty, and perseverance points as selling points on your resume and in interviews.

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