How to plan your work schedule during Ramadan

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In the modern day work environment fasting may troublesome with your work and travel plans. Wisdom jobs gulf career edge provides following tips during Ramadan:

work schedule during Ramadan

  • Deskercising help you refocus: Perform some quick stretches at your desk to refocus on your work. To feel energized sit up, straight shoulders back, lower back arched in a comfortable way.
  • Fating while travelling on work: The scriptures say that you are allowed to break the fast is it is inconvenient during the month of Ramadan. You can take up it later.
  • Scheduling client meetings: When you are scheduling a meeting ask for a time that suitable for them. You can considerate and know when they are likely to most receptive. Late morning is the best time as people are tired and dehydrated close to iftar.
  • Breakfast&Network: An Iftar invitation can be the right time to develop relations. If you are hosting clients, invite them for suhoor. It is less popular and more unique way to build relationships.
  • Handshake: Its known fact that more employees become reserved during the Ramadan so don't be surprised if you experience somebody shies away from shaking hand.
  • Use this time for productivity: Ramadan time is suitable for brainstorm, plan and assess company progress. It is the right time to participate in charitable activities.

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