How to Manage your Emails?

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A person's working day becomes mess when the whole day is overwhelmed with checking emails and deleting junk mails from inbox. Balancing between the email management and daily work may help you to get avoid fatigue and stress at work place. While companies are using email marketing tools for east tracking. Many studies show that, email practices can be the major reasons of stress and anxiety for the individual and coworkers also.


Below tips may useful for the effective management of emails and daily works:

Never check emails in the first or last hours of the day:Checking emails in the first hours of the day may change the focus of the mails from important to urgent. At the same time, checking emails in last hours of the day may also forward the stress to next day. Transferring stress may cause the main reason for dissatisfaction at work place.

Habituate a practice of checking emails at regular intervals:Experts suggest that, instead of checking emails regularly, habituate a practice of checking group of mails at a time. This practice may avoid you from distracting from your work and allows you to check important than urgent. Schedule yourself to check the emails for every 30 minutes. If you feel that text of the email is very lengthy, then save the text on a word document and send it as an attachment.

Check the subject lines:Most of us worried about the content of the mail, rather than the subject of the email. Subject line is the most important part of the mail, as it conveys the whole message of the mail in a single line.

Do not plan meetings through emails:Planning a meeting through emails creates requested responses from colleagues for time and date. Before you know this process, your inbox will be filled with the acceptance mails and your meeting mail will get in to the email inbox and unable to find your mail.

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