How to Manage Tough Women Bosses

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Women by nature tend to have a comparatively understandable and pleasing approach of management as compared to male bosses. Women have a gradual and progressive approach towards the problems and diversity, they have tremendous comprehensive and verbal aptitude skills; which make them more communicative, they are soft natured and are emotionally attached to people resulting in good relationship management and team building capabilities. Moreover, women are proved to have more intelligence than men do. Take the example of strong women in the corporate world like Indra Nooyi, the corporate jewel, who became the highest-paid chief executive at Pepsi Co, She motivates her staff with human touch like helping her employees in all possible ways and didn't mind guiding them from boardroom to front office. She always spent time in writing thank you letters to spouses and parents of all her employees. She always considered employees as her extended family and maintained an open- door policy. In spite of having many positive characters like discipline, straight forwardness, adorable nature that bends and blends people with soft communication as compared to men, statistical analysis say that it is tough to work with lady boss as compared to men. It comes to our surprise to hear from even women employees stating that it is easy to work with the boss than a she boss. But, why is this happening? The reasons may be numerous such as Woman may some times feel overburdened with responsibilities of the family and work place, and this creates a lot of work-life imbalance. This makes them lose control over their emotions and they get more intolerant and impulsive on very minute things, and see every thing under a magnifier, resulting in a hard to predict unconventional behavior, making work place a hell for their subordinates. One more, thing is the count of women bosses is always very little as compared to men. This makes it more difficult for them overcome the domination of men to break the glass ceiling, always making their position insecure, and this results in their tough and coerce behavior. One more things would be, they might have worked up to this position striving through many obstacles, and they wanted their subordinates to experience the same difficulty. What ever may be the reason for your bosses unconventional behavior You cannot always keep on changing your boss, whether it is he or she. So, better know how to deal or manage your boss and march ahead in your workplace without any friction. It is just a matter of your perception to know what type of person your boss is, how she likes the things to be done and follow the same pattern. This would not only ease up your work but also eases up your she-boss from her tough behavior. Don't get yourself sand-witched with pressure find a way out following certain formulae to please your boss.


Here are few tips to encounter your aggressive woman boss:

Learn well about your boss and make clear documentation: Learn well about your boss her preferences, her likes, and dislikes. If you know more about your boss, then you are more likely to do your job in the most preferable way to your boss. Most of the times many employees end up in difference of opinion with their she boss, say she tells the meeting will be on Monday 9th of this month and next time when you approach her and the tell the same she would deny to agree and try to prove that you are wrong and this makes you analgesic. To avoid this type of differences and misunderstandings in opinion in regard of work, create drafts for review and record all meetings. Put every thing what she told, it might be instructions to do the work or the project deadlines, and the detailed report of the work you have done on the paper and make immediate updates to your boss through e-mail and make sure that you involve your boss in regular updates.

Be Proactive: Female bosses are most often micro- managers and are detail -oriented. Therefore, they like the work to be done in a perfect manner. You need to be more proactive and learn to do your work thoroughly and completely, with utmost professionalism, before your boss approaches you. This will create credibility for your work from your boss and on long run it turns into confidence and faith in your performance.

Be a good listener and follower: You always need to be a good listener and follower of the ideas and suggestions of your boss and make your boss believe that she is a best team builder and manager, and that you like to work under her keen supervision. This kind of approach creates a kind of trust on you to your boss, because female bosses do not trust anybody easily. Therefore, it is your effort to create a friendly and conductive environment, by motivating your co-employees, by standing exemplary.

Be Realistic: No person on this earth whether he or she is a perfect manager. All of us tend to make mistakes. Don't have high expectations that are unrealistic from your boss and work with the strengths of your boss rather than criticizing her on her shortcomings. On the contrary, build a good working relationship that would maximize the work process, focusing on your personal development.

Be honest and have positive approach: Never be dishonest to your boss or have hard feelings in your mind. If at all you feel that you are overlooked, and faced injustice for any reason, do not gossip or speak rubbish at the back of your boss. Instead, be frank and speak out your mind, know your mistakes from your boss and ask her for inputs to fix them. Try to work through the issue constructively.

Keep calm and move ahead: It is our way of approach, which breaks or makes the relationships. If your boss is too tough on you and yells at you, make it a point not to yell back. Instead stay calm and cool, have control over your emotions, and never ever have a slip tongue. This makes you strong as a person. Always try to be growth centered rather than concentrating and getting annoyed on unnecessary issues. It is necessary to demarcate your radius of control, and be sure not to go beyond this. After trying all the above things and yet you feel it inconvenient with your she boss and if you find things getting even worse take a smart move out of the company, before getting fired. Many job opportunities are waiting for you outside. Good luck for the next job, you get an easy going she boss.

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