How to manage Job frauds?

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1. What is Job fraud?

Job fraud means deceitful or deceptive action or representation on the part of an employer towards an employee. Internet is the only means to attract the mass audience all over the world. Due to increased use of internet, rate of unemployment has been increasing and the fake cyber scams emerged to fraud with the job seekers who are desperately looking for jobs. Internet is also used as means for fraud and deception because nobody knows who has done the fraud. Not only employers, many of the fake companies also do this job fraud by sending fake employment offers to the job seekers.


They collect email ids of job seekers from different databases and then they send a fake mail to the job seekers offering them employment with attractive salary and benefits. They ask to pay some amount through DD or through check so as to confirm their job. Mails will be so attractive that most of them believe it and transfer money to the mentioned account number. Fake people who offer employment will get benefitted with this. In spite of care taken to prevent this, job fraud is still a major problem.

2. What are various types of job fraud?

Job fraud can be done in many ways. Fraud practitioners and their method to grab the attention of job seekers look so natural. For example, they may publish as international intends to hire people as their agents and sometimes they ask money for documentation or travelling expenses in case of hiring a person from other city or state. Job fraud is done through two different means like fraud through emails and mobiles. Some of the types of job frauds are mentioned below:

Fraud done through mails: Fake companies or people with an intension to do fraud will create an attractive offer letter and send to the targeted email addresses. In that they mention each and every aspect starting from job profile to salary details. The letter looks so promising that we cannot differentiate whether it is fake or the original one. In the offer letter they also mention that your job will be confirmed once the above mentioned money is credited in to the account.

Fraud done through mobile phones: Same kind of messages will be sent to the targeted audience mobile numbers, saying that you can download the offer letter through the link. They mention a link which will direct to the offer letter. Fraud practitioners even misuse the details of person whoever replies to that email.

3. How to identify job fraud?

Most of the times it becomes difficult to identify job fraud as they will look very genuine and reliable. One has to be very careful when applying for jobs. Here are some suggestions that will help you in identifying job scams:

- Promising to pay high salary for small amount of work, especially some offer salary in lakhs per month without asking for any relevant experience

- Asking for credit card, bank account numbers and personal documents to confirm the job

- Jobs that ask you to pay some amount through online transfer or through courier

- People who offer job without interacting personally or directly without any interview

4. What are the recommendations to avoid job fraud?

Below recommendations can be helpful to avoid job fraud:

- Industry experts say that everyone should be attentive and aware of this job fraud as the scammers are increasing day by day. Most of the recruiting sites and message boards are usually good in pulling down scams once they find them.

- None of the company will ask for a password of your social security. If a company asks then that it is a fake company and they might misuse your account. So, always be sure that you never provide personal information like passwords, bank account numbers etc.

- Fraud practitioners on behalf of a company will exaggerate that they provide exceptional benefits and handsome salary with hikes, incentives etc. when you come across such kind of information, try to look up for the company number and enquire with company people whether they really offer such kind of services.

- Beware of outrageous claims and ads which suddenly appear in your mails offering employment. No company will ask for money in exchange of job. Never encourage such kind of activities.

5. What are the tips to avoid job fraud?

Here are some tips to avoid job frauds: It?s been found in surveys that many people have lost money in these kinds of scams. It is always suggested that it is better to know as much as possible about the firm or the consultancy before proceeding. Here are some best tips to avoid job fraud:

Ask for a reference: It is always safe to gather names of both employers and employees whom they have placed in before. Scammers refuse to reveal this information saying that it is a trade secret

Check for reliability: It is better to contact the local better business bureau and the state?s consumer protection agency to enquire whether any complaints have been filed against the firm and whether it is a trusted company

Avoid firms which operate solely through telephones or mails: Any firm or agency has to meet the employee directly and do an interview, before placing him/her in the company. If they don't do so and try to deal everything through emails or phones, then one has to avoid such kind of firms because they try to distance themselves from the client so as to avoid closer inspection. Never ever send cash through mails and do not give credit card number or your account number to unknown people or to telephone solicitors. Don?t even reply to such kind of mails and it is better if you delete such kind of emails and messages

Find out since how long has the firm or company been in this business: Try to gather as much information as possible and compare its progress with the other companies or firms as this will help you in judging the firm or company

Get all the promises in written: It is better to get the written documents of whatever they promise to offer you before you proceed to do any kind of payment. And also make sure that all the documents are written on the firm or company letter pad with company stamp

Check with the embassy of the country where this job really exists with the company when planning for working abroad: Most of the job scams are done for abroad jobs. Always be aware of the overseas employment which sounds very good and promising. Make sure that the company or firm which offered job is registered and also ensure that being a citizen of another country, whether you are eligible to work there or not

Ask for a refund amount: Asking for a refund amount and time period for receiving that refund amount is a safe method and get it written as well. Don't hesitate to ask questions as it?s your money and it's your life

Be patient enough and careful: Never take hasty decisions when somebody compels you to decide. Always keep a copy of the agreements for future If in case you have been the victim of job fraud and you have sent money to a fraudulent employer, then Immediately contact the bank people and close or block the account and dispute the charges ,If the fraud has happened over the internet, then file an incident report with the

Federal Trade Commission In spite of taking preventive measures, many of them are still becoming victims of this job scam. When people undergo this scam, they regret and feel that it all happened because of their bad fate. This is not the thing to do when you have gone through job scam. If you have been cheated, don't panic and think of the ways in which you can get back your money. People who have undergone this scam have to report to the law enforcement authorities or contact the director of the Center for Career Services or the CCS's employer relations and programs coordinator. They will help you in this regard by putting the deceitful operator out of business or fine them or they may even put them in jail. Government is taking many initiatives to prevent this job fraud. Being the citizens of India, we can also help our in this regard by reporting to them immediately when we come across such kind of frauds. Students need to be educated on this kind of scams and some campaigning has to be done in preventing job frauds.

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