How to maintain good work place relations to improve your performance

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Workplace is the area where people spend most of the time in working. Most of them may have to face new challenges in their work, some may take up the challenges easily but some will have a fear to take up new challenges because they feel that they might commit some mistakes. If you are the only person in the office to face the challenge then it becomes a bit difficult to take up that challenge. But if there is a strong team to support you, then you will feel that you can easily face the challenge.


Therefore if one maintains good relations at the work place, they will get good support and this will in turn help them to perform well at the workplace. To maintain good relations, one should have good interpersonal skills. Unfortunately many people do not possess these skills and they fail to maintain good relations at the work place.

Here are some suggestions on how to maintain good workplace relations:

Communicate effectively: Having effective communication with everyone in the office will make you feel comfortable and you will not feel demoralized by others. Make your colleagues know who you are. For this you have to share at meetings, speak with all your colleagues and share your knowledge and proficiency during the meeting so that your colleagues will know what your capabilities are. Try to open up a little and be friendly with all your colleagues. This will help to build good relationship at work place.

Always speak positively: If you want to build good relationship with your colleagues, always speak positively about the office, its environment and about the colleagues before others. If you speak positively, people will notice you as a better person and they will also move ahead and show interest in building good relationship with you.

Be helpful: Always try to help others at work. Make them feel that you are always there whenever they need a help. The support and generosity that you show towards helping your employees will help to create good relationship, trust and good bonding between you and your colleagues.

Share your views and ideas: If you want to build a positive relationship, then share your views and ideas with your colleagues and also ask them to get involved in your projects. This will make them feel special and valued.

Appreciate:Appreciating the work of your colleagues whoever have helped you at work will make your relationship still more strong. To be great place to work then implement all these at your work place, this will definitely work out and will help you to build strong and good relationship with your colleagues, this will in turn help you to perform well and grow better in your career.

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