How to look for a job when you have no relevant experience?

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How to look for a job when you have no relevant experience?

In today’s job market employers look for the relevant experience in hiring decision. The process of searching and applying or jobs can be a tough process especially when you are changing your functional area and looking for job in another industry or another department. So, here the question how you can get a job when you don’t have relevant work experience? Here are some tips from wisdom jobs career edge experts to help you get that new job.

How to look for a job when you have no relevant experience?

1.Make your experience relevant

If your work experience that doesn’t related directly to the job you are applying for, but there are some applicable parts which can be highlighted in your CV. If you are a financial analyst and looking for a job as a content writer then you must have highlight that in your previous job you ‘ve done writing of many technical reports and paragraphs upon paragraphs citing reasons for your credit decisions. At the end of the day you must create relevantexperience to make it relate to the current job you are applying for.

2.Take the required training

Join training courses to upskill the experience you lackfor; you can opt for free online training courses if you are not affordable to pay. You can always do part time job when you are searching for the job you want. The more skills you have gained through training, the better chances of being hired.

3.Create your own experience

Create your o ownexperience by working as a freelancer or projects that may helpful to showcase your skills in interview and present them on your resume.

4.Get experience through volunteering and internships

If you have any experience in volunteering and internships showcase that you are willing to serve to the society. These are many not directly related to the current job role, butthis will give you a strong foot in the door for the job you want.Also, make the most of your internships by always asking intelligent questions and giving innovative ideas.

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