How to introduce yourself in an interview?

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How to introduce yourself in an interview?

Giving a good self introduction is the best part of the interview. If you give good introduction you feel confident and interviewers also impressed. A good self introduction is ice braking for you and as well as the recruiter. Here are some tips to ace the self-introduction part in any interview.

How to introduce yourself in an interview?

Who you are?

Wish your interviewers and start introducing yourself with your name. It is the most commonly asked question in any interview. So, be prepared for these questions. You can include some common and personal information like your hobbies.

Where do you come from?

For this question you need to mention the place you are from, the location of your school, your college and other details if any. Some people do not mention it but sometimes it adds value to your self introduction.

What have you studied?

Mention about your education background where you have studied such as your school, graduation, and post-graduation and so on. Mention only specific courses and certifications related to your job profile.

Who you are (as a professional)?

For this question you need to present your pervious work experience in a structured way and also highlight your personal and professional strengths here. No need to mention the work experience that is irrelevant to your current profile.

● Self introduction tips for freshers

● Be confident and maintain good body language

● Take this opportunity to present your skills and qualities in a right manner

● Discuss about your educational background and achievements

● Being a fresher you are allowed to talk about your hobbies

Most common tips for self-introduction

Say Hello to everyone in interview

● Maintain eye contact and smile on your face

● Introduce yourself when you reach the venue

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