How to improve team morale after disappointing appraisals?

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How to improve team morale after disappointing appraisals?

When the annual performance rating or appraisals not up to an employee’s expectations, it may impact employee morale and lead to the lower productivity at the work place. Here are some ways to improve team morale and maintain their enthusiasm after disappointing appraisals.

Keep open communication

Keep open communication

Employee contribution is key factor in any company growth. Career experts say that when appraisals are disappointing highlighting the strength of employees and senior leaders' commitment to their development are crucial steps in addressing the disappointment.

Explore other rewards

Disappointing appraisals need not to be the end of the world. The other options such as variable pay, spot bonuses and sponsoring employees for career development are all viable options to make sure team morale stays on track.

Show appreciation

When there is poor appraisals employees feel low and look for alternative ways to get motivated or appreciated they are made to feel

Customize approach

Find out the customized way to make sure not a single person from the team feels left out and give rewards according to the person’s needs. Because every person needs are different, so give rewards that match that motivation.

Tide over tough times

Sometimes companies face time that they are unable to give more salary hikes and when this translates into mediocre appraisals, leaders must help employees stay calm. In a startup, giving high-performers ESOPs is the best way to recognize their value and contribution in the company growth. Even if the 'today' looks uncertain but tomorrow may have something in hand.

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