How to handle workplace stress?

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How to handle workplace stress?

Recent studies found that stress is important to motivate us to perform and succeed. Stress is necessary to keep us going. The study also found that 46% of the workforce was suffering from the effects of stress which means one in two employees. There is a myth about stress is that stress is bad but without stress there is no motivation, ambition, or improvement. Here are some ways to benefiting from negative stress and get positive results.

How to handle workplace stress?

Find your driving factor at work

Identify the driving factor a work career, money or people at work. It is natural to feel lost or frustrated at work due to politics, culture, mismanagement, etc. Choosing to focus on what you have to gain from your job will be the driving factor to lead at work.

Be assertive

Prioritize the work and say NO to things you don’t have the time or skill for. Handling more work may lead to poor work quality, performance. Be confident to complete the works assigned.

Get organized

Set up a daily to do list and finish the assigned tasks. Being organized about your work gives a clear picture of your work load to manage your time.

Avoid multi-tasking

Experts say that multitasking creates less opportunity to seek from multiple tasks. Sometimes you may end up with incomplete work, having to backtrack your steps, eventually taking longer to finish the task, more exhausted.

Feel secure about yourself

Identify the unique skillset and contribution to the company. Feeling insecure may result in restlessness, underperformance, and overthinking. You may acquire knowledge, hone your skills, and feel confident about your position in the organization.

Re-evaluate your attitudes

Look at the new work as an opportunity for your career growth. Evaluate your workload and analyze your attitudes towards work.

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