How to handle when you are told over qualified or under qualified for a job

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Many candidates might have faced this problem because sometimes they may become under qualified or over qualified for a job. But one has to remember that interview is all about convincing your ability and suitability for a job requirement. If one can convince the employer that they are exactly suitable for the job, then the employer will definitely hire the person even if they over-meet or under-meet the requirements. Therefore it purely depends on the way a person handles the question.


Here are some tips to handle these two situations:

Handling over-qualified situation:

Show your commitment: Main idea of the employer behind asking this question is to see that how soon will you get bored of the job and quit, because you are too qualified for the job. At this point of time, you have to convince the employer saying that though I am over-qualified, I am looking for a long term commitment and I can assure you that I will be committed to the job.

Immediate contribution: Know your job well and also what the job exactly demands. One great advantage of knowing your job well is that you can start contributing almost immediately. You can say that as I am well qualified, I can extend myself and contribute in to other related area and this will help me to learn about new opportunities.

Show your interest: Stress on the point that its not the money or the job title that is important but the work profile that interests you. Add that this is a job wherein you can get work satisfaction and that is why you are here.

Handling under-qualified situation: Here the employer may be concerned about your experience in a particular area. If the employer feels that you do not fit in the job, you would not be at the interview in the first place.

Deeper experience: When the interviewer asks about experience in particular area, explain your experience and try to convince the interviewer that you are capable of managing. If you lack qualification for a position, show that your experience works more than just a degree or if you lack experience, show how your shorter stint in the area has been a deeper one with a steeper learning curve, enabling you to handle more in a lesser period of time.

Showcase your overall strengths: Show your strengths and other extra qualifications that you have as relevant to the job and convince the interviewer that the combination of your strengths makes you well suitable for the job. Show your enthusiasm and energetic attitude in taking up the job, this will show to the recruiter that you are really interested in the job.

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