How to Handle Panel interview?

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The panel interview is the last round of interview for some companies. Some other companies see it as a process to know more details about the candidate. Please remember that the panel members are not interrogation team members and below interview guide may helpful to face an effective panel interview:

Panel interview

Do research and practice: Do research and know more information about the members of panel. Check LinkedIn and social media networking sites to get the profile information and other required details such as their personal interests, hobbies and other professional experiences they have. This intelligence approach may help you to approach in a better way to the interviewer questions. Prepare interview and get ready to explain the questions like what you are going to offer and how your experience will add value to the company.

Introduction: Shake hands and make an eye contact with the panel members to reach the panel. Give equal importance to everyone and don't rank them based on their designation or experience. Someone introduce you to everyone or ask for introductions.

Listen to the panel: Be an active listener and think before you respond. It is an important aspect that when you are showing that you are a good listener then it will be a sign that you would be a great team member.

Body language: Be an active job candidate and your body language should show that you are very active and able to answer multiple questions at the same time without boring or any confusion.

Do follow-up: You must follow the entire panel whether it is 2 members or more than 10 members. You may also request the contact details of the panel members and also ensure that is it ok to send a group email and thank you notes.

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