How to handle a JAM session

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How to handle a JAM session?

JAM is known as just a minute it is a great tool to improve your overall generalspeaking skills.So, how do we master or what strategies dowe apply to sound, effective in just aminute.The simple mantra is followinga distinctive flow of structure.

Well, there are many candidates who apply for jobs on a daily basis; it becomes difficult for the HR to conduct the interviews. While, recruiters use JAM session to shortlist candidates from the group of applied candidates. Now what differentiates the candidates? How can the HR get the best candidate?

This is what HR’s prime concern, obviously.In a JAM session, a candidate is given a topic or sometimes asked to choose a topic on their own and asked to speak on it for a minute.This test helps the interviewer judge the candidate on various factors.

The first one is your ability to organize yourthoughts flow, second your ability to applylogic and third your general speaking skills now.Let us also start learning these skills and let us get mastery. I am sure; you will.

How to handle a JAM session

By this JAM session, the interviewer tries to test the following skills of the candidate –


● Communication skills,

● Spoken English & fluency,

● Flow of thoughts,

● Flow of speech,

● Coherence,

● Spontaneity & GK,

●Time management and

●Sense Of humour

If you just follow the steps given below, you can demonstrate what the interviewer expects.

● Smile! Be confident. Don’t be nervous.

● Begin with a thanking note.

● Define the topic in simple language.

● Give brief details- past/present/future

●Speak with Clear & audible voice

● Use correct grammar

Also remember that concluding with a thanking note shows that you are comfortable and not tensed.If you just follow the above techniques, for sure you are going to come out with flying colours from a JAM session.

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