How to give a job-winning interview?

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In this tough and sturdy competitive world, to get an interview to land in your dream job is a difficult task. After reaching halfway to your job, why don't you follow certain strategies and tips to give an impressive and effective interview right from preparation to live interview and win the job you seek.

job-winning interview

Here are few effective interview tips to give a job-winning interview:

Create a killing resume:Resume is the tool that provides you the opportunity to win a job. Therefore, take utmost care to prepare a flaw less resume. A resume should be precise, true, easily understandable, and informative without exceeding 2-3 pages. Use appropriate formatting, spelling and grammar. Give specific and correct contact details, so that the employer would contact you easily. As the objective is very important to connect your skills, experience, traits, and job requirements with those the employer, so keep your objective clear and customized. Qualifications, career highlights, and names of the former employers you worked with, your tenure along with dates, you position and key achievements and contributions when you are at helm are to be indicated in detail. Now a days people do not view the resume, instead Resume Parsing Systems are used to sort out matching resumes according to keywords. Therefore, it is essential to use correct keywords according to the job description.

Dress Formally:Every one of us knows that the first impression is the best impression. Consider interview as a formal confrontation and try to avoid casual outfits. Always wear neatly pressed shirt and pants (suit) with or without tie as per the position for which you are attending the interview demands.

Know about the company and Job description:Collect information about the company through networks and know enough about the company. Have knowledge about the current events of the company, major products, services and technologies the company is implementing etc. This would depict your interest on the company and would build a rapport between you and the interviewers. This strategy would surely boost your confidence and help you to land in your dream job. Know in detail about the job description (through the web site of the company or the paper ad of the company) of the position you are looking for in the company. This could not only help you to tailor the resume accordingly but also make you understand what exactly the employer is expecting from you. You can highlight your prior skills and experiences, which would be helpful for the current job position; and hold a discussion, based on job description and navigate smoothly through out the interview and come out with success.

Prepare thoroughly: Facing an interview is not a big deal, if you are well prepared. Give a thorough preparation before hand prior to the interview. Remember not to over prepare, because it messes you up. As your resume is at the disposal of the interviewers, know about your resume to the minutest extent, be thorough about the prior projects you have done. Do a research about the company and your job position so that all the answers for the possible questions would be at your fingertips. Keep the answers ready for the questions like:

1.Tell me about yourself?

2.Why do you want to work here?

3.What are your goals?

4.Why did you leave your previous job?

5.What are your strengths and weaknesses?

6.What are the three positive things your previous boss would tell about you?

7.What are your salary expectations? Etc.

Good preparation makes you devoid of nervousness, gives you courage and confidence to crack most of the interview questions. Having good knowledge on all the aspects of the interview would create an excellent interview dynamics and make your two-way communication friction free and friendly. This would create a positive impact on the interviewers and finally would it turns into a job-winning interview.

Be conscious on your body language: Body language or the posture, which you show up, speaks out your state of mind and personality. Therefore, maintaining relaxed, friendly and confident postures through out the interview, adds on to your skills. As you enter the interview scenario, the interviewer offers you a seat at the beginning. Do not sit in haphazard postures like sitting on the edge of the chair, leaning back or hunching your shoulders etc, because these postures show your nervousness, lack of confidence and self-esteem, careless attitude, lack of interest and your feeling of discomfort. So, make sure that you sit upright erectly and comfortably with ease and look relaxed, lean slightly (approximately 10 degrees) forwards towards the interviewer.This gives a clear-cut picture that you are involved, interested, and highly confident about the interview.

The position of your head slightly to one side indicates that you are friendly and open and keeping the head straight indicates that you are self-assured and dominant. Body language experts say that touching of nose and lips indicate that you are lying and hands behind the head indicate that you are uncertain and annoyed. Do not wave your arms more or put them around your chest, because it is more unprofessional and indicates your uncertainty and defensive attitude. So, keep your hands away from the face; try to keep your arms loosely clasped and rest them on your lap or table which ever is comfortable for you Both your legs are to be placed flat on the ground; this shows your confidence and professionalism. More leg movement causes distraction and shows your nervousness and tension. Control your voice and pitch, do not speak too loud or too soft. Be clear and audible, this impress your interviewers and draws their attention towards you. Follow the body language cues of the interviewers and complement them. This is known as mirroring. This would help you to build a strong rapport and finally good body language gives you success.

Make a good eye contact: Have a direct eye contact with the interviewers, for at least minimum of ten seconds before you look away briefly. In panel interviews, it is best to look at and direct your answer to the person asking the question, with a glance periodically at the other interviewers. Make sure that you don't look down constantly as it shows your insincerity .Making an eye contact with the interviewers connects you and your interviewers and builds a strong rapport between both sides. Eye contact controls the direction of the conversation. It shows your interest, attentiveness and your response to the interactive session. Without eye contact, the interview would be very flat like salt less food.

Bepositive and Confident: One of the most common questions in the interviews isWhat are your weaknesses?If at all, this question is asked in the interview you should always turn your negatives into positives and magnify them. Do not give the same routine answers suggested in the books or web (I am a perfectionist; I am a workaholic etc). Be honest and factual, use your presence of mind, and answer in such a way that it does not affect your success in the interview. High level of confidence, showing willingness, enthusiasm and interest for the job, makes the interviewers feel that you are the right person for the job, who gets involved in whatever you do.

Do not forget sending Thanks letter: After the interview is over and you get back home, remember to send thanks letters to all the members of the interview panel at their respective e-mail id's. Follow-up with thank you note shows your good communication capability and reiterates your interest in the job. If you fulfill all the above-mentioned strategies, you will definitely achieve your dream job.

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