How to get settled in your dream job?

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The job search process involves from dropping resume to interview calls which requires strong communication skills with recruiters. You should present yourself as a confident, competent and responsible person. When you find a vacancy, and then do some preliminary research about the job responsibilities and company.

your dream job

If the company or job is well known then you can apply without any hesitation or else you do research about the company and decide yourself that sending application will useful or not.

Good Resume:Make a first impression at your prospective employer with a standard resume. That resume should highlight your education, skills, work history, and other additional information. A resume should contain max 2 pages with proper alignment and flow of information, which can be easy to read and analyze it. The resume should fit with the requirements of the recruiter and who shortlist the resumes from their perspective. The important things required are: fathers name; passport number, family members job details etc. Your cover letter format should also indicate that, how the applied job matching with your requirements and your qualifications and interests will match with your requirements.

Research about the Prospective Employer:When your resume is shortlisted and if you get call for an interview, then work on the details of the company you applied for. You can find some genuine details on company annual reports, brochures, catalogues and newspaper stories and official site of the company. This will not only help you to know more details of the company, but also help you in answering some questions in an interview.

What will the interviewers ask in an Interview?

An interviewer will ask many questions as per the job profile requirements. Get ready for below questions and well prepared with suitable answers.

  1. Why do you want to leave your current job?
  2. What makes you think youll be successful in the job applied for What do you feel are your greatest strength?
  3. Do you prefer working in a team or on your own?
  4. Why did you choose this particular line of work?
  5. What position in our company would you like to work at?
  6. Is there anything you would like to know about our company?

Be confident at an interview: Generally interviewers select the candidates who exhibit positiveness and confidence in themselves. Each every action of candidate will play an important role in their success. Dont show any nervousness in an interview, because it spoils your interview and job winning chances. Improve your presentation skills and interpersonal skills to get succeed. If you are an experienced person, final round may taken by chairman in an informal way like lunch or cocktail lounge to see, how the prospective candidate acts in an informal meeting. So, be careful in presenting yourself at an interview.

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