How to get Hired: 14 ways to get through in any interview

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Recruiters possess a keen eye the moment candidate walk-in for a job interview. They observe many things like mannerisms, style of talking, and quality of answers and how they are able to some tricky questions. It is not important for them to give right answer always and sometimes they wanted to know the idea on subject. It is advised to say No instead of attempting an unknown question. You can also enquire the recruiter about the company details and job profile to get more clarity about it.


Before the Interview:

  • Read-up about the company; its product and services
  • Prepare for some key questions such as:
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Tell me about your current job profile

Any key challenges faced/ resolved which had huge business impact

  • Why do you want to leave your current job
  • What makes you interested in this profile / company
  • List down your personal goals, strengths and what do you bring to the table
  • Talk to people who might be working in that firm about companys culture, dress code and so on
  • Keep 3-4 print-outs of your resume accessible
  • Focus on self-grooming and keep a professional attire ready for the day

During the Interview

  • Maintain eye-contact with a positive body language, shake hands firmly and smile
  • Stay engaged in the conversation, avoid looking around in the room
  • Ask questions wherever required, stay focused
  • Be proactive in asking questions about the company / job profile and key requirements for the profile you have applied for
  • Avoid talking negative about previous bosses or bad-mouthing the company
  • Remain formal; laugh or joke wherever appropriate
  • Avoid boasting too much about education, achievements, and so on
  • Leave on a pleasant note, thanking members in the interview, while politely enquiring when can you expect to hear from them next

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