How to format your resume to grab recruiter's attention?

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Most of us don't know that recruiters will spend only few minutes on each resume and those few minutes will help to shortlist your profile from the job applicants. There is a discussion always takes place that how many seconds will be spend on each resume when recruiting managers shortlist their profiles. Once you have spent time to correct the content in different sections and bullets then make sure that it is easy to read and write when appearing to the recruiters. Below resume writing tips may helpful to the recruiting managers get most from their resume scan.


Read below 8 points to format your resume:

1.Align the text to the left. It increases the readability because we know that eye will turn to the left margin naturally once it is ready to move to the next line. Even though your section headings aligned to left also.

2.Use justified settings to make your resume bullets tidier and also remember that it doesn't help you for readability. Justified alignment created some gaps between texts which makes resume hard to read. It is better to stick to the regular old left alignment for your resume content.

3.Add a resume objective that should reflect your career goals matching with organization mission.

4.Maintain the same font throughout the resume except for titles. You can use bold, italics, and all-caps wherever nessacary in resume.

5.Use capital letters for first 5 words of your resume. When skimming a resume recruiter usually read the first few words of a sentence before moving to the next line.

6.Create interest to get engage with the sentences.

7.Remember that keep your bullets short and brief. If it is more than two lines then skim it. Use bullets to explain your work experience.

8.Maintain a separate section to highlight your skills. Keep your skills at one place to ensure that recruiters will see them.

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