How to evaluate a job offer?

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How to evaluate a job offer?

Recent report says that the average tenure of a job seeker in India is 6 years and you should know that signing a job offer without scrutinizing each and every detail is not a right move. Here are some tips on how to evaluate a job offer.

How to evaluate a job offer

Assess the basics: Salary is not only an important element of the job offer but other areas also important to look at such as the probation period (and what it entails), the working hours, the working days, the reporting hierarchy, the job responsibilities etc. Al these variables in your offer letter should be specified in your contract.

● Assess the salary offered: How does the salary offered is compared to other professionals with same qualifications and experience in India. Get information from professionals across the industry, network and salary calculators.

● Assess the travel quota: If your job requires travelling then make sure to know about the traveling quota associated with your potential job to manage your expectations to make a wise decision.

● Assess the career trajectory: If you are looking for stability and continuous development then make sure that you should take the role and prove yourself for career growth.

● Assess the working conditions: According to the recent survey more than 5% of professionals surveyed mentioned that the improved working conditions will expect in more organizational loyalty, more productivity and more job involvement. The surveyed candidates expected to have proper training and professional development schemes, generous incentives, room for personal job authority and decision making and good office setting (such as lighting, seating, lunch rooms and gyms) for more productivity.

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