How to ensure most effective talent screening

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How to ensure most effective talent screening

It was told that to increase your chances of hiring the right candidate you need to have a larger pool of database to find the suitable resumes. The reason behind this is that more potential candidate you have, more likely you will find ideal and qualified candidates But after gaining access to these candidates the next task is to perform the perfect screening

 How to ensure most effective talent screening

Make sure what you’re looking for

Before you looking for the CV’s in your resume database you need to have a clear idea what you’re looking for in your net hire. If you have no idea on what you’re looking for then a CV that looks relevant may ends up wasting precious time

Professional work experience

You must know the type of experience your vacancy requires to start the screening process. If you are looking for a candidate in mid career and you are looking for a junior and managerial level won’t help. Managerial level candidates might be over qualified and salary expectations would be higher than you set for your vacancy and junior level candidates will lack experience

Technical & soft skills

Having known about your skills will help you filtering out the candidates that don’t qualify. A sales position requires communication skills which may come under soft skills and it might help if you have data reporting as a technical skill. Other positions such as social media managers require technical and soft kills such as creativity and knowledge of Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop as a technical skill.

Personality and cultural fit

It is difficult to assess a candidate’s cultural fit through your CV but still you can find more details that will help you assess the candidate’s personality is like, and how much of a culture fit they are.

Create a screening chart

Once you are sure about the requirements you need to create checklist to help you assess and rank your potential candidates. A check list may helpful to screen CVs. Apply Pragny ammeter skill assessment tool to evaluate the candidate’s skills. Here are a few things you might want to add to your checklist:

● Residence location

● Nationality

● Expected salary

Phone Screening

Telephone interview are essential to the screening process. You need to clarify the things which have been mentioned in the resume during the phone interview. Know more about their academic skills, their working experience and make sure they speak in English throughout the conversation.

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