How to do job search when you are on job?

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Are you looking for new job when you are already employed? If you are not satisfied with your present job and if you are looking for better job opportunitiesthen search for new job. Job search on job will leads some other issues and it also takes a chance to check your professional standing periodically. Job search when you are working will create different problems. It is important to conduct your job search in silent mode otherwise it risks you current job.

How to do job search when you are on job?

Follow below tips to make your job search for better results:

Don't search for job at work place:

Even If you are keen to search for jobs also don't do obvious job search at work location. When somebody from your office or boos sees your job search then it will create other allegation and destructs your career growth. Even you need toschedule your interviewsas per that without disturbing your present job. So, don't create unnecessary tension at office and it would definitely effect on your present job.

Don't discuss with your colleagues:

Don't tempt to tell with your colleagues about your job search and great offers you got. Even if you share this with a couple of close office friends, it could possibly result in your boss finding out about your careers plans. Even the HR people also know that you are trying to find another job and seeking for better job opportunities.

Do job search on your personal devices:

When you are searching on office devices then don't save all of your job search activities. Keep your smart phone handy if you have to take a call during work hours or reply to an important email. You can also download some apps like LinkedIn, Wisdomjobs or some other job boards top get connected with employers and perform job search on your smart phone. Get organized your job search process and stay connected with your network groups through smart phones.

Be cautious about social media postings:

Be alert on your social media posts, comments and likes you have made on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It is important to take care that not to post negative comments and posts on present employer. Also tighten your security settings to control what gets posted on your wall by others. Such postings can be easily found out by your HR department.

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