How to Decode your Job Interview?

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When you apply for the job advertisements like we are hiring. then follow interview techniques to win the job search race. Reviewing yourjob interviewis most important activity to get ready for next round or next jobs interview by some other company. If you observe the body language of interviewer or recall the answers you have given at interview will definitely help you to get a conclusion about yourinterview results. Some time we may feel that we've performed well at interview and expecting call for further rounds. Instead of wasting time, we can analyze ourselves about the interview performance and interviewer response to know whether the interview is through or not.


Below signs may help you to if your interview has gone horribly:

  • If the hiring manager doesn't maintain eye contact .
  • If the recruiter display negative body language If the hiring people seem distracted.
  • If the hiring manager cut the interview short.
  • If the hiring manager don't smile, ever.
  • If the hiring manager go on the offensive.
  • If the hiring manager pause often as they try to think of the next question.
  • If the hiring manager don't listen carefully to your answers or ask pertinent follow up questions.
  • If the hiring manager mentions there are other qualified candidates in the running.
  • If the hiring manager reading your resume for the first time.
  • If the hiring manager pays little attention or discussion or enthusiasm about your skills, accomplishments, or goals.
  • If the hiring manager doesn't speak, and there are lots of pauses or interruptions as you try to respond.
  • If the hiring manager don't mention 'next steps' or ask about your availability.
  • If the hiring manager get the limp handshake.
  • If the hiring manager asked to follow up with an assistant.

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