How to decline a job offer letter over an email?

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Declining a job offer letter is stressful as applying for a job. At one point of time you had tried all possible ways to get the job you want but now you have to convey the employer that you are no longer interested for the offered position. Here are some reasons to decline the job offer.

Write an Email Declining a Job Offer

– The position no longer seems a good match for you

– Your priorities have changed and you are not interested anymore

– More research has attracted you to another job offer

– Relocating doesn’t seem a right option for you now

– You have got a more appropriate job offer from another employer

Tips To Write an Email Declining a Job Offer

It is important o make a note that your apology letter should be brief, polite and up to the mark. Never mention about the reasons for declining job offer letter such as the culture, boss, compensation offered, location, work flexibility or a better offer. Your letter should include:

– Subject line

– Greeting

– Appreciation for considering you for the position

– A sincere apology for not accepting the offer at this time

– Your Signature and Contact details

Key points to remember when you are declining a job offer letter over an email

Be prompt

Be prompt when you are sending reply. It is not advisable to tell your opinion on last day, it is considered as rude and unprofessional. So, it is your responsibility to inform the recruiter in prior to fill that vacancy and respect recruiter’s time.

Be polite

It is considered as good manner to inform the recruiters that she can look for other candidates from the shortlisted candidates for the same job. It helps to maintain coordinal relationships with the employer to be considered for future openings.

Apologize and be thankful

Be thankful or the job offer and apologize for not accepting it.

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