How to deal with hiring managers?

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It is the major mistake that you will do that irritating the hiring managers where you want to work for in future.This is not only spoils the chances in landing present job in that company and also spoils the future chances where you want to work for. It not only happens with hiring managers and this is also happening with recruiters also.


Read below information and know which activities may annoy a hiring manager:

Be thankful when you land your dream job: It is never advisable or suggestible to behave rude or angry with your hiring manager when you are selected for a position. It shows your inexperience and unprofessionalism and ruins the chances of considering for the next job in the same organization. There may be chances of direct not considering for the vacant positions they have in future.

If you are not interested to ask question: A hiring manager also expects some questions from candidates like company details,culture,job profile and team details. And most of the times candidates may fail to ask questions due to the nervousness and tension at the time of interview. It is also bad that asking much questions about salary and other benefits. It will make you to look as you are more money minded and uninterested about your job. So, before going for an interview prepare some good questions about company and job profile and ask the interviewer in a pleasing manner.

Contacting many times in a short period: Doing follow-up is the best key to land your dream job. Calling the recruiters or hiring managers and putting emails more than twice a week may completely spoil the chances of getting hired. If you don't get any message from recruiters after the 3-4 days of an interview just contact them and of you don't hear anything from them then leave up to them and wait for the results.

Follow the instructions while sending resume: Many companies have some own specifications to send resumes in prescribed format. Earlier it was only one process that just dropping your resume through email or some other way. But nowadays each company has its own process for hiring. If they mention to not call them in instructions, then follow the rules strictly.

Provide exact insight: Interview meant for assessing the prospective candidates' skills and experience relevant to the applied job. Don't give insights from yourself and outside perusals at a time. Project your strengths and weakness in an honesty way and leave the chance to select you as per the requirement.

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