How to deal with a team of freshers

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The present competitive world is full of young and dynamic freshers and they come with lot of inhibitions, expectations and aspirations. Sometimes it becomes difficult for experienced people to handle such a team because freshers are extremely confident and at the same time that do not exactly know how to deal their professional lives. It is the responsibility of seniors to nurture their talent and guide them in the right direction. To deal such a team, one has to understand their aspirations and expectations. Unique jobs are available for freshers like environment protections and others.


Here are some tips to handle a team of freshers:

Assign responsibilities and set clear expectations:Explain them clearly all their responsibilities and set some clear expectations before they start doing work. Explain them about the culture of the company, hierarchy, positive work environment etc. beforehand so that they will clearly understand what is expected from them and what they have to do.

Help them in learning and developing:Understand that this is their first step into professional life and give them enough time to learn and develop. In that process of learning, give them regular constructive feedback and help them whenever they need you. Do not put heavy pressure on them as this may ruin their chances of learning and this may in turn affect their performance and may lead to decreased productivity.

Offer coaching and mentor them:Most of the freshers look at their first job as an opportunity to learn, therefore provide them regular training and mentor them. This will help them to perform their duties well and will also help them in their career growth.

Make them get involved:As a mentor it is very important that you should treat them in a way that they should feel they are a part of the organization. Help them in understanding the work and give them enough space to share their ideas. Give them tasks and make them get involved, this will make them feel that they are also given equal importance. This will also help them to learn fast and keeps them happy and motivated.

Never misjudge them:Never underestimate fresh talent as each successive generation is getting smarter than the previous one. Do not over look them or talk down to them. They know what they are worth and expect to be respected. Keep guiding them give them motivation to lead their job successfully.

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