How to Create Personal Branding in Corporate World

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Personal Branding simply means, selling yourself in more well-planned and prepared manner, by putting forth your personal efforts. Many people think that Personal Branding is necessary only for celebrities and major companies. However, this perception is very absurd. Personal branding starts at a higher level like corporate level, next extends to product level, and then to consumer level and employee level etc. Whatever may be the level you are in; you need to brand yourself to strive through this competitive world and save your face there. To better understand about the personal branding, let us take few examples; take the example of Apple computers, why do you think the late CEO Steve Jobs of Apple, conducted various stage shows in different countries around the globe


- The answer would probably be, it is to create awareness in people about different products of Apple, their unique features, and the outlets in which those products are available, it helps the company to know the consumer preferences; this is otherwise called Branding. It makes the consumers to arrive at the purchasing decision, to buy the companys products. This in turn boosts the sales and leads to success of the company. Due to social networking systems and flow of information, the twenty first century needs utmost transparency and authenticity, first to survive and then to excel.

- Likewise even an individual needs, personal branding, first to sustain himself/herself, and then to sell himself/herself, and then climb up the corporate ladder. Corporate world is a highly sophisticated, complicated, and Competitive business arena, where achieving success is not a child's play. Personal Brand strategy is one among different must strategies we follow to keep up with this ever changing and fiercely competitive corporate atmosphere. Remember, personal branding is not something magical, which could be attained overnight. Nevertheless, you have to take some time to build your personal image. May be it could be hard in the beginning of the task, when the other people are not familiar of your personal skills and exclusive capabilities. Personal branding may demand, little bit more of your time and efforts, but would last long through out your career and makes your identity strong. Or else, it could be put the other way around, it differentiates you from the crowd. Once you finish the process of building your personal brand, it would be the indispensable tool, with which you would break competition, the bottleneck of your success. So, never compromise on personal branding. Here are few tips about, how to go in for your self-branding

Discover the brand that passionate you:

Make a thorough self-evaluation of the best possible things you are interested in or you are passionate about. Take enough time and take the help of all possible means like friends, social networks etc, think over and make a list of best things that passionate you. Narrow down the list of your best interests to ?one? and finally that would be your brand on which you would build upon and that would be something you would like to do for the rest of your life. Let this be the obvious thing ,by which people identify you.

Maintain Spotless Conduct and be Social: Maintain a spotless conduct within the organization you work in. Conduct would be a reflection of your behavior, the way you interact with your peer group, the appropriate usage of language, your body language, your control over emotions during fight or flight etc.Good personal conduct would be primary block to build your personal brand. Be a social person. Participate in the business meetings, and put forth your valuable ideas and thoughts. This will not only help to build your personal brand, but also brings you into lime light and help you excel in your career. Volunteer business events, any interesting projects, work on social initiatives, or arrange picnics, parties, or social get-togethers along with your colleagues. Thank every one, who worked with you.

Dress up well and maintain professional standards: Before looking at your intellect, people first go judge you through your sense of dressing and it is a fact that, dressing creates a strong impact on the other person. So, take care of your dressing. Mostly dress formally, with neatly pressed formal light colored shirts and formal pants; this would work in all scenarios. Wear tie if the situation demands. In the same way, style your hair formally. Give a professional touch and tag your brand , to all the activities you carry on in the office; like e-mails, voice mails, phone calls, in your personal presentations etc.; try to be exceptional.

Tools to create your Personal Brand:

Make a business card:

-Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, businessperson, professional, consultant, or CEO; immaterial of your position have your own business card. A good business card will have your photograph, your designation or Brand statement (Expert Business Analyst), your best-preferred contact information and corporate logo if you have one. After making, a good business card spread the card to different people through your mobile phone using and on net through, ; the great social network to create and spread your cards.

Reflect your personal brand through resume:Resume would be the best possible messenger to propagate your personal brand, as it is passed to every organization in which you seek a job. Therefore, carefully format the resume and customize it according to your requirements. Share your profile in the social networks by placing your resume in social media and thus promote your brand.

Email address: Email would be the most significant tool that can be accessed anywhere, any time even through your mobiles. To connect in the social networks, most of the users often use email id. Many alerts are send to email. So, do not ignore email id.

Blog/Website: Create your own blog or website (which looks like your name. Com) and put forth your valuable thoughts and interests on your blog, hold discussions etc. The most the people like your blog the more times they view, depicts your expertise, makes you popular, and thus help in building your brand.

LinkedIn profile: In your LinkedIn profile, you can display your resume, cover letter, references document and live database of your network. Use it to search for jobs, meet new people with different profiles and interest and to create your own personal branding,

Facebook profile: Millions of people, all over the world, use this profile. You can put pictures, videos, resume and whatever u want in the Facebook, but take proper care of security issues. The reason is not known, may be due to security or it looks more a general profile, so not many people are using Facebook for personal branding.

Twitter profile:Your Twitter profile follows your LinkedIn profile and Facebook profile, and you need a new avatar amalgamated from Facebook and LinkeIn. You need to use a distinct background, fill out your profile, and include a link to either your blog or LinkedIn profile. This may to some extent help in building your personal brand. In spite of having all the tools ready, your actual results will be seen only if you communicate openly and frankly with the outside world through any media. Make use of all possible ways stated above, brand yourself, and let people identify you without prior note.

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