How to create a strong and professional Teacher’s CV?

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Teaching the new generations and preparing them for the future is the greatest responsibility carried by teachers. Teachers not just teach students they create our future generation, transmit values, promote empathy and establish relationships with students. Here are some tips to be followed by recruiters to draft a teachers CV that impress recruiters.

strong and professional Teacher’s CV

Present yourself the right way

Present your experience and knowledge as much as possible. Mentions the total years of teaching experience you have and highlight the area of specialization. Provide the information in chronological order. It is most important project yourself as an educator who is passionate about the students’ success, teaching, learning, and innovation.

Emphasize Your Specific Skills

Adding relevant skills is important. So mention the soft skills related to job description. Mention about your caring and nurturing attitude, patience, communication skills as well as writing and editing skills rather than using phrases like “classroom management”, state “able to manage a class of up to 40 secondary level students, while ensuring a positive learning atmosphere.

Describe Your Teaching Methodology

Teachers have their own style of working. Mention on your CV that how adaptable you are in the given environment. If you are a fresher and looking or a teacher job and have no prior teaching experience, then focus on your technical competencies that are relevant to the position.

Write a suitable cover letter

After preparing a perfect resume, then focus on creating an impactful cover letter. Write a personalized cover letter that discuss about your goals, interest towards the job, passion and skill sets.

Use Action Verbs in TeacherCV

Add some strong action verbs for an impressive teacher CV:

● Teach

● Educate

● Encourage

● Motivate

● Plan

● Initiate

● Innovate

● Instruct

● Create

● Care

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