How to create a positive candidate experience?

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How to create a positive candidate experience?

Job search is a stressful situation from attending interviews to choosing the right position, the application and recruiting process istime taking and costly effort. After this process, most of the jobseekersnever hear back from recruiters.

At the same time job seekers have number of alternatives and opportunity to share their experience on social media platforms. It creates a positive candidate experience and create brand value in the market for the employers. So, here’s how employers may improve their recruitment and interview processes.

How to create a positive candidate experience

Engage in enjoyable conversations, but don’t waste job seekers’ time

Responding to the question most job seekers replied as Enjoyable conversation (43%), transparency around salary (42%), Time was respected (40%), accurate job description (37%), adequatecommunication (35%), discussion about work life balance (25%), quick interview process (22%) and received candidate survey (9%) etc.

The question what contributes to a negative candidate experience means time was not respected (45%), inconsistentJD, inadequatecommunication, lack of transparency, lack of feedback and long interview process etc.

How positive experience help than negative experience?

Most of the job seekers definitely tell friends and family when they have a negative recruiting or interviewing experience. Over 73 percent candidates share positive experience and 56 percent candidates very likely recommend companies that provide positive experience to others looking for work in the same company.

Consistent job descriptions are crucial to retaining candidates

When there is mismatch between the job description and discussion in the interview may create negative candidate experience. The other top five factors that may influence the candidate experience may include time not being respected (15%), inadequate communication (13%), lack of transparency or discussion about salary and benefits (13%) and lack of feedback (11%).

We conclude that positive candidate experience may be created by respecting candidate’s time, making good conversation and communicating clearly, you can provide an experience candidateand stay competitive in the hiring process.

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