How to Cancel an Interview by E-Mail?

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If you have to cancel the schedules job interview because of some reasons like you are stuck somewhere, you have a personal emergency, or you no longer find the opportunity then it is nessacary to inform the employer to avoid the miscommunication. Scheduling an interview includes lot of efforts from hiring manger’s part and it seems difficult to ask cancel or reschedule the interview. The best way to cancel an interview is through an email.

Cancel an Interview by E-Mail

How to cancel a job interview in last minute

Cancelling the interview at the last minute troubles the hiring managers and employers. So, it is important that you:

Inform the employer as soon as possible: You should inform the employer as soon as possible by giving them prior 24 hours notice. It is unprofessional to wait until the last minute and then writing an email. Hiring managers too need time to find your replacement and ensure that already booked interview slot does not go unutilized.

Mention the logical reason:do not fabricate any random reason

• “I forgot.”

• “I am no more interested.”

• Or any other genuine reason.

Tell them genuine reason and do not fabricate any illogical reason. This will earn you respect and keep doors open for future interaction.

Do not avoid taking calls

Recruiters think it is unprofessional when a candidate turning up for a scheduled job interview and avoiding the recruiters calls. This is the mistake done by most of the candidates that can spoil the professional image.

Do not just drop a message

The mistake done by most of the recruiters is that texting the employers to convey the message. Use proper email to inform the employer about the sudden changes in your interview plans.

Call if necessary

If it is necessary, call the employer and mention the reason for not coming to the job interview and also convey apologies in your email.

Be respectful and polite

The main aspect of how to cancel an interview is to be patient and polite. Remember to thank the company for the opportunity in every conversation you have with them.

Following the above points may help you ensure that your future possibilities with the employer are not damaged.

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