How to bust the stress at workplace?

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Stress is more inevitable in the present competitive world. In these days, stress is offering along with salary package and job profile. But here you need to change yourself to become stress free and finish the tasks in time.Initially you have to change your mind set to cope up with stress.

stress at workplace

Below tips may useful for managing stress at work place:

Prioritize the works:Complete the tasks as per the deadline. Don't try to finish all the works before deadline by pressurizing yourself. First decide the deadlines and prioritize the works as per the urgency. Otherwise these works will be as never ending and continuous over. Once you prioritized, start working on it and finish them. Accept the work as much as you can handle. Target oriented works like recruitment require to work on priority basis.

Dont do multitasking if it is not urgent: It is known fact that multitasking is not possible for all the people. Analyze them as per the priority and finish it accordingly. Don't try to impress your boss; ultimately it will create more stress on you. Accept the works which you can handle as per your capacity.

Increase your concentration levels more:Some times you sit at your cabin and staring at your system and not doing any constructive works for longer times. Your concentration levels may not good and doing the small bit of work again and again. At this moment of time, you need to take a break to get recharged.

Do desk exercises: Many studies proved that, desk exercises will help in reducing stress. These exercises will help you in stress busting and focusing more at work. Now, have Coffee/Tea and get back to work. You can focus more on your work now.

Make ensure that workplace ergonomics right: Many times workplace may not be comfortable with you. Sometimes it will be noisy and seating chair adjustments may not comfortable as per the ergonomics. So, try to set them within your limits to make comfortable yourself.

Avoid the destructive colleagues:When you have deadlines and priorities at work, refuse the destructions like co-workers, socialm sites and others. So it's better to avoid them strictly and you can tell them gently that you have deadlines to finish the tasks.

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