How to blacklist employees in India?

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HR blacklist is an informal list of employees who are eligibleand qualified for the job but may not meet other criteria that would conflict with corporate culture or colleagues. The reason HR blacklistexists is for the healthy recruitment of employees. The human resource department will never share inappropriate criteria to the candidate, the HR will keep of list people disqualified for subjective reasons.

createemployee blacklist

To createemployee blacklist first company needs to establish a database of all applications received, they should assign a unique account for each candidate. theaccount will have tags and label describing the reasons for disqualification so reputed companies will have no chance of doing this it will consume quality of time. Establishment cannon makes any employee blacklisted for simple reasons for this employee can sue the company for inappropriate reasons. So most of the companies in case of selecting the employee will not reveal the reason of not selecting the candidate .but in case if the employee is still working in the organizationlaidpurpose and blacklisting them must state their reason. Oftenemployee blacklisted if they are involvedin fraudormisbehaving in workplace or submission faulty document in the hiring process.

How to check if an employee is blacklisted? To determine employee if the employee blacklisted ornot,the employer is provided with the NASSCOM membership, it is database collaborative with the government of INDIA. by any means an employer can keep any track record of blacklisted employees In their organization . in this database employers can share their practices and feedback for conductive growth there is no such policy or framework as hr blacklist website in not hire blacklist is for HRs not to selectcertain candidate in hiring process this kind of list can be internal and cannot be shared with other companies or to the public and even in the NASSCOM, any employee who is blacklistedinappropriately can take legal actions against the company.

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921 days ago

This is to inform the list of company that we had recruit two candidate Mr Gaurav Payrela Tiwari this person reside at thane & Ajinkya Khanvilkar this candidtate reside at Thane godbhunder as re employee of the company both are mechnical Engineer but the have done fraud with are company so we request not to give any job because its may also effect your company

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Nathi Ngcobo
959 days ago

I resigned at my work place due to pressure, just after resigning I put a case Against my company which I lost due to lack of supporting documents such as grievance letters n witnesses. Now they blacklisted me. What can I do and what my right over such situation.

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N. Bhatta
974 days ago

Hi all I am blacklisted by corporate long back and am trying to do something about it... Blacklisted employees Please contact me on

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Mahadeb neogi
1029 days ago

How I check whether I blacklisted or not

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prasad rao s
1077 days ago

i came out from my previous company due to some work related issues meanwhile my colleagues got message from H.R n M.D. they putted me in black list. thereafter i have attended 5 interviews n finished successfully and final stage (offer letter) they told me rejected. Then i have suspected strongly i am in black i request u to plz let me know how can i get clarity from black list .i am there or not?

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1149 days ago

I Resigned A Job Recently... HR Not Ready To Give My Salary So I Figured For My Salary & Go It... HR Blackmailed & He Says He Will Black List Me For Other Job... How To Check Iam Blacklisted Or Not ?

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