How to become a pharmacist? Pharmacist job role

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Pharmacist career profile

If you’re someone who loves the combination of science, healthcare, technology, research, and computer technology, then you might find the field of pharmacy exciting. Pharmacy is a recession-proof career which offers excellent salary potential, great benefits, flexibility, and opportunity for growth.Today, we are discussing about the pharmacist job role.

So, who is a pharmacist?

Generally, people believe that pharmacists can only work in chemist shops, dispensaries, and medical stores. However, this is not true. Then, what is a pharmacist actually do? Let’s check it out.Pharmacists are the one who assists patients with a prescription the other ones who offer pharmalogical information to the many health cares. Pharmacists have an extensive knowledge of prescription medicines, including how they work, how to take them, how they might affect people, and how they interact with other drugs.They make sure to assist the drug therapies and interpreting the orders of the physician. They responsible for the medication for the purpose of labelling, storing and compoundingpharmaceuticals. They assess the drug therapies by controlled medication and intervention. They provide all pharma logical related information also answers all the requests and questions raised by our health care professionals.

Pharmacistcareer profile

What are the educational requirements for a pharmacist job role?

Now, let ‘s seehow long the pharmalogical courses are going to take. A pharmacy is a 2-year course for a diploma category and 4 years course for a bachelor degree category and 2 years master degree. There are ample pharmacy courses in India which include

Bpharm which is the bachelor pharmacy and

  • BPharm (Honors) bachelor of pharmacy in honors
  • Bpharm+MBA
  • Bpharm pharmaceutical chemistry
  • BPharm pharmaceutics
  • Bphram Pharmacognosy
  • BPharm Unani and
  • MBA Pharma Technology
  • MD Pharmacology
  • MPharm
  • MPharm Bio technology
  • MPharm Bulk Drugs
  • MPharm Clinical Pharmacy

So, what would be the career scope for the pharmacist job role?

However, the course is completed the candidate is need to register with state pharmacy council in order to open up their own pharmacy with state pharmacy council in order to open up their own pharmacy or a druggist and chemist shop.Pharmacist can also work on other private as well as government pharmacy companies.Pharmacists work in following areas:

  • Research & Development
  • Analysis and Testing
  • Marketing & sales
  • Hospitals
  • Regulatory bodies

Well, what would be the salary range for the role of a pharmacist?

Apart from government jobs there are other private jobs openings in India which are variant in Druggist and chemist shops run privately and hospitals. Being consider the highly reputed job the salary range for the pharmacy varies according to their designation. The initial pay for a pharmacist is about Rs 4000 and same manner it is Rs 10000 to Rs 40000 for a research scientist. For pharmarepresentatives It would be about Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 with incentives. The hospitalpharmacists could earn up to Rs 3000 to Rs 5000

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