How to become a Business Icon?

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All icons are excellent entrepreneurs, but all entrepreneurs cannot be icons:Any person who has money and an idea, which could tap the market segmentation is enough to become a businessperson. However, to become an icon is excessively hard. A person should have a blend of many characteristics (vision, strategy, cross-pollinating ideas both internal and external to the organization, quick analysis and decision-making capabilities, connecting with people and managing them etc) to reach there. He should have a strong desire and un wavered determination to achieve your goal. In good olden days, all the businesses were process centric and more concentration was laid upon manufacturing and selling the goods. Then to become an icon, it used to take very long period. Today due to outburst of technology, information, and social networking systems, the exchange of information and reaching masses became too quick and easy. That is the reason why we are able to get in touch with the icons of different fields and know about their work. Many people around the globe do business. However, the icons are for example late Steve jobs of Apple Inc who had found innovative and revolutionary products like Macintosh/Apple computer, iPod, ipad, iphone etc. Bill Gates who found the killing computer operating systems like MS DOS, WINDOWS without which our PC's are of no use. Henry Ford of Ford cars who was the first to assemble the parts of the cars, he got the idea by watching a butcher. The business world cannot forget these names and they always stay iconic for all emerging business people. As you know, that Rome cannot be built in one day likewise becoming a business icon involves a systemic and step wise approach.


Choose a field of your passion: The person who had a lifetime ambition to become an icon should choose a field in which his passion, interest and inborn zeal lies. Then the rest is just a cakewalk. May be you may face many challenges on the way to reach your goal, but never turn back take a right path which leads to your destination. Each day of your work will make a difference in your know how and you get better and better as the days roll on. Nothing can stop you if you choose a work, which you love. Choose a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your life.

Gain Expertise: After knowing your passion, you are focusing to expertise in the same domain. After attaining expertise in the work, which you love, you start with few simple things and gradually try working on complex, critical and complicated ones. Don't rest until you achieve what you wanted. Do not compromise on short term results think of long term outcomes. Be the first to use best technology, gain command and rule with your core technology try to be top in the industry standards so that your competitors are way behind you. Use technology, which cannot be easily duplicated or copied. After you are very clear about your idea, possible outcomes and the way to achieve it go to the next step.

Pre-define all the aspects: Thorough analysis and clear definition of product/service, target markets, capabilities required and resources to be employed, returns expected, the level of risk allowed and the level of competition is necessary to achieve success. Put more emphasis on things, which are really important Find a set of innovative ideas that on which quick decision is needed and plunge into action immediately. Later unique combination of resources and capabilities should be used, to gain sustainable competitive edge.

Find right people: Even though you are best at doing all the things, you cannot do all the things. So, find people who have passion of excellence and can realize your dream. May it be the people who fund the company or the people who work in the organization to achive the final objective. Take initiative, demonstrate creativity and innovation, take responsibility and take risk. Never underestimate the power of committed but small group of people change the world indeed.

Get connected with the employees and the customers: Encompass the employees with an envelope of trust so that they know who they are and where they are heading. This helps them to find right direction and their efforts would be focused and consistent. Customers judge you on performance. Ensure quality and focus on the outcome. Customers do not expect excellence all the time. Keep customers aware of your product. If they know it, they buy it. The product should be designed in such a way that, it looks good and works excellent. Advertise, be a part of vogue events walk and talk about the product, you will be connected to huge group of people who like your product and you, for your innovative work. You can take part in various events and give your opinions on trending topics. You can join other corporations to mentor people. Register yourself as an expert to give professional advices through social networking, corporations and consultancies. Write on different blogs and create interest in the people about your products. It is also a means of learning about best practices in related industries. All these things make you popular, enhance your image in the public, and create awareness and interest in your products. Get feedback from the customers of diverse backgrounds. Learn from customers, competitors and partners. Blend the things what you have learned in your product innovation and focus on the customer needs. Today, it is difficult for one business to have all answers, but when you network and link with multiple companies to bring total solution to your customers, you become a much more valuable entity. If you follow the above steps, you can surely be a business icon

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