How to be ahead in office meetings?

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Meetings are organized to share views and thoughts from one person to other. Meetings results in creating an opinion about one person. Speaking up in meetings not only creates impression but also benefits performance management.Exchange of ideals may also help to generate innovative strategies in organization.


Below tips may useful for positive impact in meetings:

Be open in meetings:Don't restrict yourself while speaking in meetings. If you stop restricting yourself,then automatically it stops you to deliver some important opinions. Utilize each opportunity you get in the meeting to share your views and be an influential person in the meeting. Be prepared about the agenda of the meeting: Select one topic or agenda before you reach the meeting room on which you want to speak in the meeting. If you get prepared in prior to the meeting it gives a strength to the discussions which you are going to do.

Be expressive while speaking about the topic:In addition to the above topic, also be prepared on some other topics related to the meeting agenda. If you practice all these things once in a meeting,then all these things will become easy for you to speak without censoring.

Explore yourself in the meeting:You can explore in the meeting with various questions like :

How did you come up with that?

What is the basis of the remark you made?

Where is that coming from?

Combine your knowledge and experience to understand to what others saying?

Pre-decide yourself when to speak in the meeting:Before the meeting itself,decide yourself that how many times you need to speak in the meeting. So go forward as per the pre-decided plan and share your ideas.

Be confident on your thoughts and ideas:If you encounter an opposite views on your ideas,then don't come to the conclusion that your views are wrong. It is also important to show the confidence levels that your views are worthy and valid.

Listen carefully when others speak:Listening to others is the most important task in the conference room meetings. Speaking is as much as important as listening. Apply the concept of freedom of expression and enter comfortably in to the zone of expression.

Speak first in the meeting:Be the first person to speak in the meeting and express your views. If you delay in your discussion then you cannot lead the discussion and get the benefits in each meeting.

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