How to balance motherhood and career?

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Balancing motherhood and career is not an easy task. Many of us feel that balancing a career with motherhood like a challenging task. But it is really a challenging task as it needs lot of support from near and dear. As a mother one side you have to manage house hold activities and need to take care of children and the other side satisfy the demands of challenging career.Work from home is the best option if you are a working women, if your organization offers this opportunity. The changing working conditions demands companies to offer work from home to its employees. It is a new trend followed by the companies to encourage a working mother. A recent survey on working mothers reveals that, forty-three percent of working mothers prefer a loss of pay if it allows them to spend more time with their children. 34 percent of mothers are ready to give up of their ten percent or more of their salaries. 51 percent of mothers are ready to leave their job as their spouse has enough income sources.


Tips to balance motherhood and career :

- Make a daily planner to note all coming up events of that particular week like parent/teacher conferences, doctor appointments and company meetings so you can stay on top of everything.

- Check with your organization that they offer work from home or not. It is best option and easy way to balance the work and home smoothly and effectively.

- Always spendweekend with your family and kids on priority basis

- Always prefer to take healthy diet and maintain physical and mental health. Eating healthy food and maintaining proper sleeping timings may help you to overcome stress and fatigue

- Be organized at home and don't be hesitating to take help from your family members. It is also important to communicate well with your spouse, if you need any assistance in parenting duties.

- Yourgoals should be realistic and don't go beyond your capacities and focus on your efforts and allow yourself to do the best you can with the rest.

- Don't mix-up work and home. Maintain a separate line between them. Avoid worrying about kids when you are at office and also avoid bringing work at home when you are at home.

- Don't do multitasking at home. When you are at home, then spend with children, play with them and make them to study.

- Always schedule a few single days of vacation every few months and spend time doing something you enjoy.

- Don't put too much pressure on yourself to achieve great career goals while your children are young. It is advisable that don't expect moreachievements in these days for career development.

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