How to avoid salary negotiation mistakes during an interview

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Salary negotiation:Becomes a very big problem for both freshers and experienced candidates when they attend interviews. Nothing makes job-seekers more anxious thannegotiating salary.They will have an irrational fear of asking too much or too little.

salary negotiation

Some of the key mistakes to be avoided in ajob interview for salary negotiation are mentioned below:

Going unprepared

One of the key mistake they do is they do not take time to look for information about the specialization, profile and the appropriate salary range before they take up the offer. First see whether the job perfectly matches your profile and then and check with people who belong to similar industry or background. Thiscareer guidance will help you to know the growth rate for your position and will also help you in getting the pay that you deserve. Some online sites likeGlassdoorandPayscale.comcan also help you. Do not rush and wait until the employer asks you about salary, because there is no point of negotiating salary if the employer has not yet decided to hire you.

Revealing the amount

Most of the candidates make a mistake of revealing how much would be enough for them in the interviews. One should be very careful in such situations, because if they reveal the offer earlier, they will have veryless chance for negotiating a better offer.

Discussing about previous pay

Many of them unknowingly reveal their previous salary details and this will also affect their earning potential. One should never let their past salary affect their future earning potential. If you are trying to make a big career change with few transferable skills, then taking a pay cut to build your skills can make a sense. But if you have loads of transferable skills, then you might deserve the top range or sometimes even more than that. So be careful while negotiating. Negotiating salary in a right way can always be an added advantage. Therefore always try to negotiate in a right way as you never know if you could have achieved more just by asking

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