How to attend technical round of interview?

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It's time to attend your technical round of interview and you think in a way that you have loads of technical skills and last minute preparation could workout. But you have to check in reality frameworks whether your technical skills will work out or not. If you think in a way that you don't need any preparation and you are working on same functionality for many years and you just need to attend an interview to get through. Most techies don't get prepared for interview because of the reasons of arrogance, ignorance and fatalism.

The truth is different and in reality you don't get to know about an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) inC programmingthat will keep reminding you of codes and syntaxes whenever required. If you are asked by that question you don't get any reference, material or some other thing, then it will be disappointed moment. Many interviewers will avoid sometechnical interview questionswhich are known as brain teasers regarding technical skill. The questions may depend on the candidates and those kinds of technical questions will be impossible to answer for weak candidates and easy for technically sound people. Problems will be different than those you're used to, because they'll have to be simple enough to do in a limited amount of time and interesting enough to prove your smartness to the interview panel.

technical round of interview

Below tips may helpful to answer well for technical round questions:

Review of basics:Go through the basic questions like algorithms and data structures are most frequently asked interview questions. Graphs, sets, hash tables, binary search trees, arrays also basic technical concepts and need to prepare well. Prepare well for coding related questions and ready to answer for data structure related questions. Prepare well on basic programming skills before the interview and try to attend all the questions related to the basic coding. Read books on programming skills and answer all the questions without leaving any.

Make notes on hash tables, sets and maps:Read about the difference between Maps and Sets and also know about tradeoffs and smart usage of Set and Hash Table to impress hiring managers.

Coding related questions:Search and practice well about the questions related to coding. Practice coding with real code using paper and pen, not pseudo-code. Practice well, if you are applying for a position of non-coding also. If you say that you don't know then it will create bad impression. So brush up your technical skills now.

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