How to assess the skills of a front end developer?

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How to assess the skills of a front end developer?

Here is some front end developer’s skill sets to check out from wisdom jobs e university online skill assessment tests –

How to assess the skills of a front end developer?

HTML5 online test : Assess the skills of a candidate across HTML syntax, tags, functions and elements and more

CSS3 online test : Let’s explore the technical skills of candidates in various elements like descendant selectors, pseudo-class property, CSS tables and more

JavaScript online test : Rate the skills of the candidates like modules, classes, data types, expressions, DOM (Document Object Model) and more

JQuery online test : Test a candidate skills in JQuery Library, utility functions of JQuery, JavaScript modules and classes

AngularJS online test: Screen the candidates efficiency in AngularJS- data binding, controllers, templates, expressions, directives and more

Angular 2 online test : Explore the candidate skills in Angular 2 directives, Angular 2 events, Angular 2 components and more

Angular 4 online test: Test the candidate’s expertise in Angular animation, Angular universal, data binding, form handling and more

ReactJS coding test: Let’s explore the skills of the candidates like mounting method, component optimize, handling events, default values for properties and more

Online Bootstrap test : Screen the candidate skills in Bootstrap grid classes, Bootstrap collapse, layouts in Bootstrap, Bootstrap JS and more

JavaScript skills test: Find the front-end programming technologies across the range of JavaScript skills library

Aptitude test for PHP developer: Evaluate the skills of PHP, Object oriented concepts, and more

React Native online test: Test the kills including Components and Props, JavaScript XML JSX, Static Image Resources, and more

TypeScript online test: Rate the skills like TypeScript types, classes and methods, modules, TypeScript purpose, and more

Vue.js assessment test: Evaluate the candidate expertise in Vue.js directives, lifecycle, event handling, conditional rendering, and more

Backbone.js online assessment test: Test skills like Backbone.JS Segments, Backbone.JS Functions, Backbone.JS Scripts, and more

Ember.js online test: Assess skills like EmberJS configuration, routes, views and models, and more

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