How to answer” What’s your greatest fear”

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How to answer” What’s your greatest fear?”

What’s your greatest fear, this is one of the most important job interview questions? When hiring managers asks the question what’s your biggest fear you have to answer this question in a positive way and do not answer that you don’t have any fears. The interview question about biggest fear helps managers to know about candidate’scharacter, personality, and abilities. Here are some tips you must notice while you are answering the interview question “what’syourbiggest fear?

How to answer” What’s your greatest fear”

Keep it professional

Do not share some common fears such as fear of heights, water, etc. Keep your answer strictly professional and must be near to your professional and career. Most common fears professionals face might be including not living up to their own expectations, getting distracted from their career goals, not being able to maintain a healthy work-life balance, etc.

Your fear should not come across as an obstacle to your progress

You must ensure that your answer should not look as a hindrance to your career progress. If you say that you find it difficult to maintain healthy work life balance then it may showcase as a negative sign.

Focus on how you overcome your fear

Knowing your fears may help you to grow as a professional but hiring manager wants to know how you are taking measures to overcome your fears. It is also important that more sincere towards yourself, more sincere you are in every aspect of life.

Speak confidently

You must speak confidently throughout your conversation that may impress the hiring manager. You should accept your fears instead of denying them.

End your answer on a positive note

Always end your answers on a happy note by explaining about a fear and how you identified a fear, what solution you thought, how you exceed them with a solution.

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