How to answer the question Why do you change jobs frequently

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Today's jobs offer great pay cheques and benefits along with high stress and pressurized work environments. But when changing many jobs it will be a tough question to handle at interviews and big concern for employers also to hire a candidate who always changes jobs.

How to answer the question Why do you change jobs frequently?

If you change 5 jobs in 9 years of your career then it would definitely affect your career graph and it not going show favor and it reveals some facts as which need to be answered as mentioned below:

1.You are not clear about your career goals.

2.You cannot perform under pressure are not adjusting and accommodative to changes which are constant with every organization.

3.Money is your only motivating factor for you and changing many jobs for more money.

If you are really follow above facts and changing jobs then you need to take a look back of your career and learn from your mistakes. As a professional job seeker you need to prove and demonstrate that you have learnt your lesson and have taken corrective action, a quality which anyone would appreciate as it reflects maturity. If you have not realized the situation then it would be really a tough situation to manage your future career as you need to work upon yourself as an individual.You can also opt freelancing to earn money from home. Use functional resume instead of chronological resume. Do ground work and prepare the reasons for changing job. You can mention some professional reasons like Under normal circumstances a change for an improvement in job profile, an opportunity to handle a team, exposure to a new skill set which meets your career goals are acceptable. Maintain positive relations with ex-bosses and give their reference to the hiring managers to create positive impact. Show the appreciation certification from your previous organization or customers to build credibility on you. Present your strengths to them and let the agency find a match between skills required for open positions with them and your skill set. Search job sites and apply for suitable jobs matching your CV.

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