How to answer - Tell me about Yourself?

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Tell me about yourself?, this is one of themost frequent and common question asked at the time of interview. Interviewers ask this question so as to evaluate a candidate. This is the point where a candidate can actually grab most of the attention of an interviewer. Most of the students have a doubt of what to tell when they go for an interview and they are asked to tell about themselves. Main idea behind asking this question is to know the best qualities and skills of a candidate and also to know how well a candidate can fit in to a particular job. Without knowing the purpose for what they have been asked this question, most of the candidates stumble and don't reply and some give all irrelevant answers.


Here are some suggestions to answer interview question:

Interviewers normally will hold the resume of the candidate in hand and they ask this question. It means that they are expecting to know something more which you have not mentioned in the resume. So, candidates should highlight their capabilities and skills. Answer should be very crisp and should have a small brief about yourself including your introduction, achievements and your skills. First start off with a small introduction. This should include your name, qualification. Then give a small brief about your family if you wish and this is not mandatory. Next talk about strengths and weaknesses, but stress more on your strengths. Strengths and weakness should be related to work but not personal. For example many of them say that my family is my strength and its my weakness too. This is not correct. You should tell for example: I can work under pressure and I am very dedicated etc. I am workaholic, this you can mention as your weakness. Next, talk about project (s) that you have done. Just give a brief of the project and then focus more on your role in the project like what all you have done during the project. At last talk about your goal. It can be a short term or long term goal. All this should be concluded within 1 or 2 minutes and not more than that. So, it is better to practice by covering all these points and be prepared before going for an interview.

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