How to analyze the facts for not getting selected in an interview?

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Attitude plays key role to win job search and any other. Generally when you apply for jobs employers are looking for the people who constantly strive to prove themselves in the assigned role.


People with more positiveness, proactive to learning, win to win approach in dealing with issues may help an organist ion to get succeed in assigned tasks. Many jobseekers shows care less attitude when they are searching for jobs and sometimes in interviews also which makes clear rejection by recruiters. A jobseeker should not be over confident or different by expressing his/her feelings overly. The best method to tackle with hiring managers is to know what they are expecting from a prospective candidate and follow them as per their needs.

Show enthusiasm:Show positive and genuine enthusiasm towards your job search. Your attitude should clearly depict that you are very much interested to work with that company and you are very much impressed with the work culture and brand they have. Your resume is primary source tool to present your interest and passion to work for that company. Present your key skills in a detailed way and project yourself as a down to earth person with great ambitions towards the career goals.Make sure that your follow-up after interview should represent you desire and willingness towards work.

Show positive nature:Body languages is an important element and shows your attitude by giving a firm hand shake in an Interview and sits in a right posture and have good eye contact with hiring managers. Acknowledge the answers with humanity in a smart way. Check your body language and practice it in a mirror.

Show your easiness:Get adjusted with a team environment is most important act in succeed a job. Each persons contributions play a role in team success in delivering the final product. Try to put your efforts and deliver the best product as part of team. Generally recruiterslook for people who will easily jell with the people in organization and get on with team members without any breakups. Don't project yourself as a difficult person and show your honesty and don't be too much honesty that it may put you in problems. Note down above points and get ready to face interview with confidence. If you are in job search since long time and don't show your frustration in front of interviewers and it may spoil your chances.

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