How to Achieve Spectacular Job Fair Success

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All of us go out finding jobs through various means like job portals, through recruiters, through social networking systems like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc., through paper ads or through the company web sites, through campus interviews for students and so no. Like wise, one such great avenue for job search is Job Fair. Generally, if we forward our resume through different means, the time taken for processing will be more than that of the job fair. As job- fairs are arranged in particular place a city or a town etc, more of local candidates participate in the fair and sorting out resumes would be easy ,and right candidates for the companies participating and right choice of job vacancies for the participating candidates. In job- fairs, all the HR's of different companies pool under one roof and does a thorough search for potential candidates as per their requirement.


Employees can directly participate in this job fair event, submit their resumes, talk the HR of a company he is particularly interested in, and have a face-to-face conversation regarding the openings, which are suitable for him/her. If all the criteria are satisfied, it fetches you a personal interview and finally a job. However, to turn your job fair visit as a positive and productive one, you have to take care of certain things, which are crucial for your job fair success. One best way to succeed in job fair is, take it as formal one as live job interview itself, and have a very calculative and planned approach. It would be a mere waste of time to attend a job fair without any prior preparation and casual approach. Here are few suggestions for a spectacular success in the job fairs, may it be a normal job fair or an educational job fair.

Prior Preparation is necessary:

Before attending a job fair, do some prior preparation. Most of the job fairs provide details of organizations that are attending or the Employer participation guide. What you have to do is, make a research about the organizations in the web, and sort out the companies, which have job openings that match your profile. This narrows down your choices and reduces your confusion. This shows your interest and seriousness about the job fair, which most companies like. While at job fair you need not think about a lot, you can just walk in into the companies, which you have listed down prior to your participation in job fair. Otherwise, you will end up roaming between the company stalls, and it would be a mere time waste and you will end up unproductive.

Register yourself:

As many job aspirants participate in the event, it would be a safe bet for you to register. Registration helps you to secure your slot, and see that you don't miss the event. Moreover, it is good and straight way of approach.

Keep the copies of your brief and extended resume: As most of the employers, need a simple and brief resume, which says about you concisely, don't forget being armed with enough number of resumes, Keep the resumes neatly arranged in a folder, so that they would be impressive, crisp, and new. It is always good to carry your extended resume with you, that include your academic records, complete reference list, and your major professional achievements, which would add on to your skills.

Talk to few companies that you have selected in prior preparation:Time is the countable concern for the both the employers and employees, as job fair lasts for a day or two. So, don't walk- in and talk to all companies, instead walk ?in and talk to selective companies, which are apt for your skills.

Don't miss the chance to sell yourself

This is the best opportunity, an interaction of a minute or two would maximize your image and enhance your chances for the job interview, thus fetching you your dream job. So don't let the chance skip from your hand, be ready with the following.

- Have an idea of the venue, where the job fair is conducted, and make it a point to arrive at the scheduled time.

- Dress smartly and formally, so as to create the best impression.

- Have a brief profile summary of your resume.

- Maintain a smile on your face, your eye contact, and good body language that pleases the employers, who talk to you. Be energetic & enthusiastic and carry forward the conversation with interest.

- Have a list of questions to be asked handy like the company's growth rate, areas that are growing at a fast pace, know in detail the career tracks that are different for different educational qualifications. Lay primary focus on the questions related to future fields of growth within the company and outside.

- Collect the material and information

Collect the informative material, brochures, and business cards of the companies in the job fair and go through the information thoroughly, to attain substantial knowledge about the firms. It gives you insights and helps you to know more about the participating companies, by leading questions.

Next step after the job fair:After the job fair is over, make sure to follow-up the people with whom you interacted, with a brief e-mail and remind them about yourself, your interaction content and the position you are seeking. This leaves a positive note. You may possibly end up in attending a job interview; otherwise, also there is no harm. You will be getting good insights about the job markets, your stand in the markets, your value in the markets etc. You will also have a better understanding of your drawbacks and how to correct those. You can also develop a social networking with different people of various skills, which may be useful for your future growth. So, attend job fairs and make potential use of them

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