How deal when you have missed promotion?

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Getting promotion is not an easy task and it requires being outstanding among the group of professionals. Many employees will give their best and wait for the promotion as recognition to their efforts. Sometimes companies may prefer external candidates as the right fit for the position. It will frustrate and disappoint the employees who have been given their best to the organization. Being a professional you need to overcome negativity to get ahead next in career.


You can also discuss the same with our hiring tell him clearly how you have performed well in your role. You can also know the reasons why you weren't selected for the position offered. You can also express your views about disappointment and your skills and working experience to add value to that role. But make sure that it should create show positive attitude and also remember that don't criticize anybody while discussing about your skills. Plan yourself to come out from negativity and focus on present job to give your best. Take step towards the progress of your career. This is well known fact that workplace is of full of politics and sometimes it may also works in losing the opportunity. Maybe just knowing they're on your side will help you stay positive. Having an ally always feels good. Find those people who know your worth and keep them close. Continually reinforce your value and remember to give them support as well. This is a two-way street. Be positive and give your best to get promoted.

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