How an online presence can boost your job search?

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Positive social media presence is not only your doorway to existing opportunities, but the way to create more of them in the future. Social media allows you to become a leader, not just a follower, and make your ideas heard by entrepreneurs, journalists, business owners, employers, educators and whole communities. After deciding on your career path, you can build your professional learning network to interact with people and exchange experience. Participation in Twitter Chats is a great opportunity for collaborative thinking.


Here are some important ways to Build Personal Brand Identity: Create your own identity on online by creating your personal website, Blog or social accounts on various social media channels.

Conversations: It is important respond to the messages or comments on your blog to keep the conversation going.


  • Review best practices shared by social media marketers.
  • Post relevant content with clear and well-written headlines.
  • Add visual content to attract the attention of the audience.
  • Make sure that you are postings are related to the specificity of each social network.
  • Make sure you are sharing the right content with the target audience.

Presence: Do more research about the industry influencers and ways to contact them. Relationships: Use social media to build networks. LinkedIn is the best known platform for building professional relationships to get the desired results.

Reputation: Grow and establish a positive online reputation. The higher the number of followers likes, shares, favorites, view counts, ratings, etc. the more popular and trustworthy a person is considered.

Groups: Create a list of the most popular and influential communities and join them. Get noticed by other group members by answering questions and leaving meaningful comments.

Be creative and Genuine: Be creative and original while representing you.

What are the advantages of a Personal Brand for Job Hunters? Having strong online presence may demonstrate your accomplishments and portfolio in a publically available digital format. Here you can give few links to your published work. If you connect with a large number of other people in your industry, you'll have a much longer list of leads when looking for an opening or recommendation. Personal brands attract recruiters. Most professional recruiters now use social media to do much of their scouting and vetting, so having an attractive personal brand will draw job opportunities without requiring you to lift a finger.

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