Hottest tech skills that will get you hired and well paid

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Hottest tech skills that will get you hired and well paid

IT sector is an ever changing job market, offers great paying jobs to the career aspirants. According to the latest survey below are the hot skills for 2015.

1. PaaS: PaaS or "Platform as a Service" is a type of cloud computing technology

2. Cassandra: Cassandra is a free and open source NoSQL database.

3. MapReduce: MapReduce has been called "the heart of Hadoop."

4. Hbase: Hbase is also based on the popular Hadoop technology.

5. Pig: Pig is another hot skill like Big Data and Hadoop.

6. ABAP: ABAP is the software language developed by SAP for building business applications.

7. Chef: Chef is "IT automation" software from Chef Software.

8. Flume: Flume is another skill from Big data" craze and Hadoop.

9. Hadoop: Hadoop is a crucial technology at the center of the whole Big Data.

10. Hive: Hive is hot in-demand skill of Big Data and Hadoop.

11. Puppet: Puppet isIT automation" software from Puppet Labs.

12. NoSQL: NoSQL is a new kind of database that is part of the big data phenomenon.

13. Zookeeper: Zookeeper is a free and open-source project that also came from the big data.

14. SOA: SOA is popular skill of cloud computing.

15. Data Architect: Data architect is another hot skill of Big Data.

16. Solr: Solr is a free and open source enterprise search platform.

17. Data Scientist: Data Scientist is another hot skill of Big Data.

18. Big Data: Big Data is one of the most in-demand technologies.

19. OpenStack: It is a free and open source cloud computing operating system.

20. CMMI: CMMI is a sophisticated method for performance management

21. R:At the center of much-in demand technology Big Data is something called "analytics,"

22. CloudStack: Cloud computing is a big trend and there's a battle over different "cloud operating systems."

23. OmniGraffle: OmniGraffle is a diagramming tool just for Macs.

24. Arista: Arista makes a computer network switch used in big data centers.

25. Documentum: EMC Documentum is an "enterprise content management" system.

26. UML: UML is a visual language for turning complex software designs into an easier-to-understand diagram.

27. Sqoop: Sqoop is one of those Big Data skills. 28. JDBC: JDBC is a Java-based technology from Oracle.

29. RDBMS: RDBMS, a type of database management system.

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