Hottest IT jobs in 2017

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Year 2017 will bring back the economy on track and able to recover from demonetization effect in 2017. While many companies gear up hiring plans, as many companies are looking to hire for various IT jobs. Here are some hottest IT job roles to watch out for in 2017. IT is always most preferred choice for many job seekers. If you are seeking to be an aspirant IT professional here are some career options in the IT industry to explore in 2017.


  • Web hosting: Web hosting is most demanding role in the industry. As many companies are looking to hire for Web hosting network/system administrator or engineer roles who can deal with the entire business unit, database who can trim the downtime of server. Check out for IT job vacancies for freshers in Wisdom Jobs job listing pages.
  • Data analyst: A data analyst is responsible for creating financial content, research notes, data processing work flows and analyses in the current market scenario.
  • Devops Engineer: Devops is an important role in software product development life cycle to deliver better products and services across the board. A devops engineer is responsible for software development and business agility and interactions between development and operations.
  • Software developer: A software developer role is always demanding in IT industry as they work with different technologies, languages and platforms to generate simple solutions for complex problems.
  • Web designer: A web designer creates and maintains the product. They create website designs with software programming languages including html, Javascript and others. Web designers contribute to the architecture of the website with strong portfolio and web design.
  • Network Security Engineer: There is a huge gap between the supply and demand of network security engineers in the industry. So this profile is most sought after by many employers.
  • Digital marketing analyst: Digital marketing analyst is another important role which is in demand in 2017. They are responsible for various sections like social media, Content written work, Email showcasing, SEO/SEM, Data Analysis, Designing, and considerably more.

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